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3 Easy Blog Post Ideas

Every now and then people get bored of writing blog posts or simply cannot get the ideas to flow in order to post another article and spend a long time researching the idea. But fear not, here are three simple and popular blog posts that require very little effort in order to make but will still supply your community with great content.

1. The quotes post

A very popular blog post for any genre for helping people to find happiness and reason to carry on with whatever they are involved with. There are thousands of quotes online that can relate to your niche and are an easy blog post idea for when you need to fill in a day.

People love these sorts of things and can really provide bite-sized blog posts that will really mean something to your community.

2. Interviews

In your niche there is most often an ‘expert’ of some sort. For an example, The Online Money Box might ask someone who has created a popular website to share details on how they took a small site to live the original dream of greatness.

This can be adapted to any niche and can be really easy to do, often only requiring a conversation with said expert of where you ask them a few questions and get a lot of useful comments back that your readers will love.

3. Resources

One thing I often like to do when I am not in the mood to write a long post is to share some useful resources of which I recommend to my readers. This is useful for them as it opens them up to more and more information and often gets some really positive feedback. Above all, it is an easy post to make on those less creative days.

I hope the advice works well for you and if you have any other tips on the types of posts you can use then I would be more than happy to hear you mention them in the comments section below. Thank you very much for reading and I hope you enjoy the rest of The Online Money Box.

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