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5 Bed Bugs Myths That Need To Be Debunked

A bed bug infestation is a matter of concern for homeowners as these tiny intruders can give you sleepless nights. To add to your woes, they may bite you and result in skin allergies as well. Before you start looking for effective ways to get rid of them, there are some myths and facts about these creepy crawlies that you need to know. Here are some major bed bug myths debunked if you want them to go fast and for good.

Myth #1: Bed bugs travel by hitchhiking on fabric

If you think that these tiny organisms get transported only by sticking to clothing, you have your facts wrong. Bed bugs can crawl down hallways, climb up through the walls and even travel through electrical outlets to reach your bed. So if your neighboring apartments have them, your chances of getting them are high enough even if they do not visit your place.

Myth #2: A blow dryer can help you to get rid of them

Another myth is that you can wipe them away completely by using a blow dryer. Heat does kill bed bugs but only if you concentrate it long enough in the infested area. A hair dryer can flush them out of the nooks and crannies as they are unable to tolerate hot wind. However, this will not kill them unless you are able to give them heat till they are dead.

Myth #3: You can get rid of bed bugs yourself

You may want to work on an infestation to save money but there is a lot that goes into getting rid of these pesky creatures for good. The best approach would be to avail professional bed bug services because they will prove to be cost-effective in the end. DIY may save you some money but you may end up with severe allergies if the bugs still stay there. Also, you may have to throw things out and ultimately have to spend on professional services.

Myth #4: Cayenne pepper can kill bed bugs

You may have heard people claiming that cayenne pepper worked for them but it is just a myth. It can neither kill bed bugs nor finish off their eggs completely. Only professional exterminators know the best and safest chemical treatments for bed bugs. Rather than trying home remedies like cayenne pepper and natural oils, check out with professionals who offer effective extermination services.

Myth #5: Once they are gone, they will never be back

Do not be happy if you have cleared these irritating enemies because they can come back any time. They can survive for months and strike back again. So if you have a major infestation, you may require extermination time and again. This is a worthwhile expense because you would want your home and health to be fully protected against them.

These myths and facts give a clear idea about these troublesome little pests. If they do enter your place somehow, you need to take all measures to throw them out. Just keeping your place clean does not guarantee that they will not come because these tiny enemies can strike any time.

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