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5 Ways To Find Quality Tenants

The easiest way to attract tenants that meet your tenant criteria is to have a quality property at a perfect location and at an ideal price. However, this is easier said than done. Being a property owner, you cannot control variables like the location and price of the property but there are numerous things you can do to ensure that your property is attractive to quality tenants. Here are five best techniques to attract quality tenants to your property.

  1. Mention the tenant criteria in advance

Before you list your property on a portal or conduct a showing, you need to have a clear idea of the type of tenant you would want to rent out the property to. It will help you focus and will give you a target area to focus on. You need to be well prepared to answer questions about pets, smoking as well as minimum income. When you have everything in writing, the process will be easier and it will keep you safe from any accusation of discrimination.

  1. Prepare an interesting listing

Most tenants use online portals in order to find a property. This is why it is crucial to write an interesting listing in order to attract quality tenants. It should be concise yet descriptive. Your tenants should find it easy to contact you and your listing heading should spark an interest from the tenant. If you are a first time landlord, read here to know more about renting a property.

  1. Pay attention to professional photography

A listing remains incomplete without great images. Images of the property create visual interest and will allow the tenants to picture the space. Do not leave your property up to the imagination of the tenant and invest in professional photography. Show the best of your property to the tenants.

  1. Maintenance is the key

An effective way of attracting quality tenants is to ensure regular maintenance. It will help ensure that the tenant has to put in less effort when it comes to cleaning and fixing the property. This will give peace of mind to the tenant and they will be happy to know that the property belongs to a responsible individual. Regular maintenance will also save you money, effort and time in the long term.

  1. Screen the tenants

This is a common mistake many landlords make. It is better to thoroughly screen the tenants before lending them your space. Check on their background, income and credit score. Try to connect to their previous landlords to know what kind of tenants they are. Call all the references available and ask questions about their reason behind moving from the previous property.

Use these five effective tips to find quality tenants for the property you own. If you have the right tenants living in your property, there is less you need to worry about. You can remain rest assured that your property will be well maintained and it is in safe hands.

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