The Online Money Box was set up on the 2nd August 2013. The original aim was to supply webmasters and businessmen with various tips to help their experience and develop a very strong site that would make them a good amount of money. However the aim changed slightly as we decided to cover articles on freelancing and saving money.

This resource has grown massively because of the change and expansion and it led to our current stage of the blog today. As we continue to develop the blog we keep the same quality of articles and desire for helping others. We love to hear from our members and try and support those who need our help.

The owner

The website was created by Martin who has a strong passion for blogs, forums and business. He started freelancing in 2011 and since then have grown online work into my full time job. Within that I have learn a lot about SEO, blogging, foruming and the like. He wanted to share what I have learn’t and also share my experiences of what I learn along the way. After studying business he also gained an interest for that and therefore that also features on my blog. He started my online love in 2009 when I first discovered a gaming development website and forum which he soon after gained the ranks and learned a lot.

After getting thrown into tight situations with money and discovering a blogger friend of mine who was also covering finance topics, he decided to get more involved with this and it became something I enjoy more than anything else.

So, he lives in the UK (England to be more specific) and spend all day online pretty much. The only time he is not online is when I am spending time with my family. He had money to invest into a site and what he thought was a strong idea for a long-life project and therefore he developed this website. You will learn a lot more about me by reading the articles!

The since since has a new owner, but with a similar motive and direction.

The future

So, what do I want for the future of this blog? To put it simply I just want to keep on doing what I am currently doing. I have only really started blogging seriously since 2012 and therefore I want to carry on with this blog into the long future. The things I can offer for people will slowly start to increase with hope of adding resources and further articles.

I hope my regular articles will be appealing to you and will entice you to comment.