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Build A Unique Brand Experience For Consumers 

Gone are the days when brands had to advertise on billboards and incur huge expenses to run ads on television and radios. Now is the time of digital marketing which has turned out to be the most cost-effective form of marketing in the industry. Digital marketing lays focus on the experience that you deliver to your consumers. It is all about making the consumer feel that they want the product or service you sell and better the experience, the faster you will gain brand loyalty.

When a consumer has a satisfying experience with your brand, they will remember it and will recall the brand with a positive impression. If they have a negative experience, they would not want to think about the brand or give a thought to the experience they had. It is important that you build a brand and give an experience to the consumers which they remember with fondness.

The two T’s of an experience- Tonality and totality 

When you think of the total experience for a consumer, you need to think of the tone. When you hit the right combination between tonality and totality, you will motivate the consumers. When there is an absence of tonality in the experience, the consumers will not be satisfied. Without a satisfying brand experience, you will be only remembered as a product in the market and not as a brand.


This means the completeness as well as the consistency of the marketing elements in the experience you give to your consumers. You need to remain consistent so that the consumers know what your brand is going to deliver and you will have to ensure that the brand experience creates brand loyalty. When you use different ways to engage with the consumers, you can give them a complete experience.


The entire tone of the experience is about the spirit. The tone should always be in line with how you define your brand and what you want your consumers to know about the brand. When the tone does not go well with the marketing efforts, it will become difficult to build a connection with the consumers. This is a conscious decision you make and it is also known as the voice of the brand. You need to remain consistent to ensure that the consumers feel positive about the brand they are engaged with.

When you manage to align the tone and totality in your marketing efforts, you can ensure that the consumers have a complete brand experience. You need to ensure that both the elements are working consistently and in sync so as to generate a higher brand interaction. Keep these two important facts in mind when you plan a marketing strategy for your business. You will only be able to create a winning formula if you keep the consumers at the top and maintain the right tone with them. A satisfied and happy consumer means more business and higher revenues for you.

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