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How To Advertise Your Freelance Service

Starting a freelancing business can take a very small amount of investment. As stated by a blogger friend of mine you only need three things to start freelancing, and most of them you will already own. This makes starting freelancing practically free and you will not need the cost of a domain and hosting if you use a site like Fiverr.

Despite all of this, when using a site like Fiverr you will need to make yourself stand out or advertise well in order to pick up clients, Fiverr will only promote your services in searches for a little bit until it gets covered up by many other services offering the same job. Therefore you have to take advertising into your own hands if you want to succeed. But how exactly do you do that? Lets find out.

Social media

The use of social sites such as Twitter can be great for building an audience of webmasters. This can eventually lead to sales if you connect with the right people. The tip for this is to not use social media to advertise your jobs. Instead you should use the social media assets to talk about webmastering with other users and then let them discover your links to your freelancing services.

Take social media seriously… it is becoming a great resource for freelancers and it is something you really need to take your time with and find how to use it to your advantage.

Forum sales threads

A tried and tested method for advertising your services is for posting them at webmaster and admin forums like DigitalPoint. They are great and have a mass amount of people wanting to use your services. You can use these sites to link to your sales page and therefore encourage them into purchasing you.

Forum engagement should not be underestimated. It will help you develop friendships with many people and honestly is a worthwhile way of promoting your services.

Blog comments & articles

Guest posting and leaving blog comments on articles is bound to get you more sales… trust me. If you write articles about freelancing advice and comment on relating blogs then it is something that will really help you get sales and grow your audience.

In my honest opinion you should put a lot of effort into these two as blogging is a really great way of building your audience. You do not have to build your own blog, you can simply provide others with great articles and then ‘take’ their audience for the use of your own benefit.


These are some great tips and really should help you generate sales. Provide the people who buy from you with something extra and provide a great service in order to get returning clients. You must however make sure that you manage your time well in order to still have time to complete these orders that you get from advertising. You will still get sales without advertising yourself but the money from this will most likely not be enough to make it worthwhile. Advertising is important to get enough sales to return a good revenue.

Still not getting sales? Maybe you are not offering a service for a good price, check your competition. Maybe your not selling yourself as good you could and not writing your service description so it makes sense. Update a few things here and there and adapt the methods until you find something that works.

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