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How to disable automatic updates in WordPress 3.7

Recently a new update for WordPress appeared and typically these updates are well received and make WordPress a great software as a whole. Many people love WordPress now and have seen it develop into the very good tool that we all use today.

However the new WordPress 3.7 update saw a trial addition of a feature that led to automatic updates. This change to the system was not well received by the community and therefore will maybe be taken out in the future. However, for the mean time, the update stands and will have this feature which could really break your blog if you have made changes to templates or anything of the sort for themes or plugins.

If you want to disable it like I have just to stop there been issues with future updates, then you luckily can with a very simple fix. The tip was supplied by dojo and I thought I would share the knowledge so go and thank her at her article about disabling automatic updates in 3.7 if you have the time.

By using your preferred FTP client, navigate to the ROOT of your WordPress installation. Download wp-config.php

Add this like somewhere in the top:


Upload the modified file overwriting the old one.

That should be all you need to do. Hopefully this is removed in the future due to the negative response it has received. Thanks for stopping by.

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