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How to Save Money On A Tight Budget

Money can often be something that we worry about. If one month is going to pull your pockets for everything you have worked for then you are most likely going to be looking for some ways to save money to get through the rough times. There are many ways to save money and they mostly relate back to small and manageable sacrifices that you can make for the benefit of yourself. Here are some tips of how to save money on a tight budget.

Cooking from home – Takeaways and eating out is an expensive hobby of which you will not be able to afford if you are on a tight budget. Eating simple but tasty meals from home is cheaper and is a great idea if you need to make some savings. There are many meals that can be made for a very cheap cost and they still taste great.

Buy used products – One thing I have recently discovered is the sheer amount of Facebook groups in my area that are about selling, buying and trading products. These groups are great and very addictive for me. They allow me to find used products that are still good quality, and then purchase them for a fraction of the price. This is a great method for saving a few dollars each month. They are even great for Christmas presents.

Cutting car costs – Typically we use the car way too often. You can save a pretty huge amount of money by walking to the place you have to get to. This will save money on petrol and will also make you healthier. It is a win, win situation.

Monthly expenses list – Many people that I know often struggle each month simply because they do not know where the money they have is going. If you have monthly bills or costs that you know will be coming out of your money for the next month – write them down! You will then know how much money you will have left for the month.

Services – Many people could cut the money spent per month massively just by not spending it all on services that are not actually needed. If you are cold it might be a good idea to try wearing some extra clothes before turning on the heating.

Big ticket items – Most of the time people buy expensive items out of the blue and then repay that money each month on their credit card. This is not a good idea and will often leave you without money and just with a big repayment plan. Instead, save up money for a while and then buy the item and pay it off all at once.

Shop with cash – Leave your credit card at home when you go shopping. Simply take out the amount of cash you have to spend and that way you will avoid spending more than you can afford at the shops. Additionally, make a shopping list and then avoid buying items on offer or other items just because they look good. Impulse buys will often cost you more than you think.

It is pretty easy to save money on a tight budget if you plan out your expenses and consider what is actually needed each month. With these simple ideas taken into consideration you could avoid having a negative bank balance at the end of the month.

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