Money: Halloween on a Budget

As we fast approach towards that time of the year that is known as an expensive day, no not Christmas, we will get to that soon, the day I am talking about is of course – Halloween. Many people overpay when decorating the house, getting costumes and having a party but there is many ways of which you can cut the costs of this spooky holiday.

I personally like to ‘celebrate’ this holiday and get involved with my family and friends. Before now we would be known for having an open ghost house that people could explore and we would really go over the top with our decorations. Of course, this is not possible this year due to our extremely short amount of money and therefore we have to Save Money On A Tight Budget. In my house, these holidays are a big expense and that has to change and therefore we are attempting to do Halloween a lot simpler than normal. But how exactly does one go about that?

Scary Costumes

If you are really into Halloween then you most likely spend a fortune on a costume every year to try and look great. There are many ways that you can cut the costs with this one and all of them are pretty easy to do:

  • For starters, you could easily swap your costume that you used last year with a member of family or a friend. This will save you a lot of money and also make sure that you have something different to wear than what you have been seen in before.
  • Lets face it… Halloween was a year ago and if you still have your costume from then, or any of the Halloween’s before, then you might as well put them to use again for this day. Although it may not be your preferred choice, sacrifices like these will save you money.
  • DIY costumes work just as well as any. There must be some makeup lying around your house, do a horrible job with it (like most men do anyway) then rip up some old clothes and paint them red – you are now a zombie. There are many different costumes you can do with things lying around the home, just let your imagination run wild.
  • Second hand stores have a lot of costumes for a fraction of the price which can always come in handy if you want to spend some money. This will give you a better price than a supermarket.


The key to this one is really to just save decorations from the previous year and just reuse them. I would suggest having a plastic pumpkin that can light up rather than spending money on a fresh one with a very little shelf life. If

you do not have much decorations left then you can pick up some cheap ones also. Furthermore you can use broken/tacky things from around your house and use them for the event. I know it leaves me with a good excuse as to why the house is not that clean :D

There are some tips by Terrance Zepke, the author of “Happy Halloween!: Hundreds of Perfect Party Recipes, Delightful Decorating Ideas & Awesome Activities.”

“Rinse uncarved pumpkins in cold water, with a few teaspoons of bleach added, dry thoroughly, and spray everywhere with WD-40 or another sealant,” Zepke says. “Do not subject them to intense heat, and it’s best if not placed in direct sunlight or on concrete or rugs.”

“Real pumpkins will only last a few weeks at most once they have been carved and gutted,” Zepke says. Preserve them a little longer by applying the bleach-water mix to the carved interior or coating the inside with petroleum jelly.


When the children come round they snatch as many treats as they possibly can. My advice to you would be to make sure that they are only taking one; hand them out yourself if you can, this will make sure that they last longer and therefore mean you do not have to buy as many yourself.

Procrastination is also useful for this. Supermarkets tend to mark down the price of treats like this the day before Halloween and therefore you can pick up some good treats for less amounts of money.

Dinner parties

If you are the host of a dinner party but are struggling for money then cheap but cheerful choices for a buffet may be the way to go. If you are able to supply enough ‘snacky’ food for your guests then it will fill them up and prove to be cheaper than a full meal. To continue, you could also make it a requirement that someone brings desserts and other items like drinks or whatever in order to cut the cost of what you have to buy. Asking for these things may be embarrassing but honestly not an issue and should be done in order to save money. People coming to the party should have to help as well for an event like this – just my opinion.

This is some of the advice I am using to save money this Halloween. I would love to hear from you what you are doing for Halloween and how you plan to save money during this celebration. 

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