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Promotion forums – Good or useless?

If you have spent even a small amount of time online looking into options for advertising your website you have most likely come across promotion forums. These are set out to help you advertise your website and increase its statistics, comments and user count. Many younger webmasters who are new to the world of webmastering often believe promotion forums as the best way to advertise their site and get lots of new readers. I know why they think it… I did when I first started as a webmaster. They have lots of members, they are really active, you want some of them to join your forum and help you get bigger. But, why exactly are they something to avoid?

Reasons to avoid promotion forums

Giving recent updates of various animals, Penguin and Panda, Google have changed what they are looking for to help decide if you should get indexed or not. If you are advertising on promotion forums but your niche is football related then Google will see this as a bad backlink and it will not help your ranking in Google search results, it may even harm you! This is not the only bad reason to avoid promotional forums.

Another reason I stay clear of them now is because they are such a drain on your time and for very little benefit. Why did you join the promotion forum? You joined to promote your site and the same goes for every other member there. Granted a few may click on your site and stick around but that is a very rare occurrence. So you are basically posting on something that is not actually relevant and does not really help your site. You then see services and other stuff that need very high amounts of posts to order them, you think they are a good idea and then suddenly you are using the site way too much for a small amount of benefit.

People can be very selfish on promotion forums as they are only interested in promoting themselves and getting the best for themselves. You will find there are many better options to help promote your website which you can use as will be discussed later on.

So is it all bad? The positives of promotion forums

Well no. Of course every negative has a positive in some way or another. In this case, promotion forums can really teach you quite a lot. They have various discussions on how to improve your site and you can ask people to review it so you know what is working and what is not working very well at all. However, admin or webmaster forums are typically better for this as people on those sorts of forums are not their just to promote their sites. They tend to be there for the discussion and therefore can offer greater advice. I would join an admin or webmaster forum like The Admin Zone or Admin Forums instead of a promotion forum which is aimed more towards just promotion rather than discussion.

Promotion forums are good for some other things also such as building friendship with fellow site owners to help you develop the communities together. That goes without saying, sometimes it can help you to find staff for the technical things or just find someone to help you improve your website.

Exchanges on promotion forums can also be a relatively good thing if you do them correctly. Exchanges are such things as posting a comment on a blog and that owner posts another comment on your blog in return. You do need to make sure not to rely on this method though as you will need other sources of user communication and advertising.

Alternative advertising methods

To be able to view these effective advertising methods we simply ask for a quick share of this content. Do so by using the locked content box below and as soon as you do it, you will get access to some very useful information. The following tips will ensure you don’t have to use promotion forums as your promotion method again, meaning you will get a lot better results! Scrap the days of wasting hours on promotion forums and put your time to better methods for the sake of your site.

[sociallocker]So, as the newer admin as I presume the most of you are if you are reading this article, there are some very effective different advertising methods which you can spend your time on instead of using promotional forums. These methods may take longer than posting a topic advertising your website however these will also work a lot better. The idea is all about finding niche related websites to what your website is on.

  • Guest posting – Posting a guest article is a great concept that can really help your ranking in search engines and also get you a few dedicated readers. The concept is basically to find a blog that has the same sort of content as you such as a travel blog if you have a blog on castles. In return a few links in the post are left which can get to your website. To find guest posting opportunities check out Google for blogs within the same genre and see if they accept guest posts. This can pick up real readers straight off the bat and can also increase your search engine standings.
  • Commenting on blogs ­­– Again, you should make sure that the blogs are in the same genre as yours so that Google sees them as a good place for you to be advertising. The idea of this is to post comments on articles whilst leaving your link in the profile (as you can do on this blog). This increases your quality backlinks but you should make sure you are doing these on higher pagerank websites (which you can check using a free, online tool)
  • Forum posting – Yes, forum posting can still work as long as you are on niche relevant sites once more. Join forums, make a few friends and drop them a line about your project and see if they will stop by. Or join niche relevant forums and advertise the site in the signature as long as they allow it.

The most important thing to remember about this is to take your time. Do not expect advertising to work over night. It takes forever; you always have to keep going. You will start to see results eventually but even then you still need to advertise. Remember to have content that is fresh also to keep people around and hopefully make them tell other people – word of mouth advertising is the most powerful method ever. Do not use any backlinking tools either as they will harm your search engine rankings.

Thank you for reading this article, feel free to comment below on the article sharing the advertising methods you have used or if you have used promotion forums successfully in the past. They can be useful for starting out but do not expect a site to be grown from it that will earn you money. If you liked the article make sure to also share it with your friends on various social networking websites as it really helps.

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