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SEM and SEO – Are They Similar?

When you are a newbie in the marketing techniques that should be approached while running an online business, you must have come across the two terms known as SEO and SEM wondering if they are one and the same thing. First of all, you should find out that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. Each one of them have their own role within your marketing strategies that are meant to be implemented as successful tools in making your website stand out of the mass of other websites available in the vast world of internet surfers.

Another thing that you must be aware of is that SEO is one of the ways that helps into a successful SEM technique. Search Engine Optimization is that technique that you should make use of in order to have your website ranked among the top ranked websites of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Through the various strategies that SEO utilizes, your website will end up appearing among the first web pages that a search engine site will display once the search starts. Through SEO your website will gain visibility as well as accessibility while having a better position than other websites.

Search Engine Marketing – SEM – is the entire process that is run in order to have your website listed on search engine sites and thus being more traceable by the crawlers that identify website and web pages for specific keywords. SEM will as such make use of paid placement, paid inclusion, SEO, PPC advertising, contextual advertising to attain its goals. The search engines that can run this marketing technique and from which the latter benefits, are the major sites such as: Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Ask and Bing.

SEO and SEM will be all over internet for the ones interested in building and maintaining a profitable online business. There is plenty of information on how these strategies operate at their best and how one can make use of them in a constructive way. More than this, you will even find companies willing to do this marketing implementation instead of you, in case you are either too busy or too ‘left-handed’ in handling these techniques. It is true that all these will require a large volume of knowledge and always keep track of everything that comes as a novelty in implementing successfully marketing techniques.

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