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Should your business logo be simple?

After a few years of me constantly wondering why big companies like Facebook have simple logos and simple layouts I have finally come to a reasoning and now I understand why they do it and more importantly… I know why we should also have the same approach if we are at all bothered about our website and how we can use certain parts of the logo for different things.

When I first started creating websites and forums the trend was very much a much heavier approach that what sort of website you are used to now. A webpage would have thousands of effects and be really styled and amazing, that went for logos too. Now we are in that change to simple. The less is more attitude is striking the internet and we are adapting our themes to be simple. Why is this? Well, I would say that is is mainly down to one thing: responsive designs.

The new trend for websites is for them to be able to be viewed as the same on a mobile phone, tablet or any sized computer screen and this change is mainly because we as webmasters, want to reach as big of an audience as possible and by having a theme that is usable on all of those devices, we are opening up to a lot more people. This is one big reason for why the design of logos have also gone to a much simpler design but this change has happened more slowly as many people still view the logo as something that needs to catch the eye and be remembered with a WOW factor.

Why your business logo should be simple

There are a few reasons that have came to me within the past few days when thinking about why businesses that are big, use a simple and easy to remember approach when they are advertising. Here are some of the reasons I came up with. If you have any more ideas, please feel free to comment below.

  • Change in style – When a big company changes their website design or whatever, the changes are basic in order to avoid alienating people. This is why a simple logo is created. If it is simple, the chances are that it will be able to be carried across to any style that you change to. This is a big benefit as you still have the front of your brand to be remembered.
  • Remembrance – One thing that has always confused me is when people say that a busy logo is easier to remember because it catches the eye more. This is a true comment in one way however people in their busy lives will most likely be too busy to remember a logo that is very busy because there are many features on it. A simple but effective logo is much easier to remember for people in a busy life. Everyone remembers the Twitter logo because it is just a simple blue bird. Take that into account when designing your logo.
  • I can not really think of what title to give this one but this is the main thought that came into my head. Your logo has to work in black as well for advertising as well as many other variants of styles that it has to fit with for various advertising materials. This is the main reasons why business logos are simple in my opinion and I agree very much with this reason.

Because of this sudden realization of why a business logo is typically simple, I think that I will be working towards creating a better logo that is easy to remember and simple for cross advertising on business cards and the like. Honestly, I think there is going to be a turn into a much simpler approach for most websites across the web because it just works in everyone’s favor.

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