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Simple Tips To Stop Lazy Blogging

I have seen a lot of people (myself included) who plan to make a blog post every other day and then end up failing this simply because of laziness or lack of effort on their part. This can be combated easily with one little tip of which I hope you take on board as well as some other ideas of what you can do to ensure you can produce that post for your blog on a regular basis. This will lead to a better blog for yourself and your readers who have either just found you or have followed your work for quite some time.

The concept I am talking about relates to writing something every day.

Some people may not want to produce an article for their blog every single day. To be honest this makes sense as there is not always an infinitive amount of content that you can produce in your niche. But typically people tend to not write for a couple of days and then find it really hard to get into the swing of things when a blog post is needed. However the advice still exists for you needing to write something daily to help improve your blog.

I plan to write daily content for myself, most of which will not be visible on this blog as it will be about another topic and the content will most likely just be kept to myself and my computer. However, the fact I am writing each day will help me improve my writing method and make it more efficient and accurate. Above all of this, it will also ensure that you are getting into the ‘swing’ of it and therefore writing an article for your actual blog when you need to will come like second nature. You will be much more successful if you are writing something every day in order to develop your skills instead of just trying to squeeze a good article out on the day you need one for your blog.

You can honestly write about anything as long as it is helping your skills grow as you will be able to carry that across to your actual blog when you need.

What can I write?

This may sound like a good idea to you but you may want to find out a little more… you could write about anything at all. Using a simple ‘PAF’ method (which stands for purpose, audience and format) you could attempt to write a piece of text for any audience or purpose in any style. Change it constantly in order to develop your skills and focus each text you make on a specific PAF in order to get your ideas done.

Another idea is to also start working on a novel or something just as fun and continue adding some in order to develop your writing skills and make sure you are continuing to pull ideas from your head.

The ideas are endless and can be alternated to make up any situation you want and you could make it for a specific reason or just to improve your skills – like me.

Please also bear in mind that it will help your writing skills by also just commenting on blogs and forums.

Long running series

Another idea to help people know what content to produce and ensure they are writing on a regular basis would be to have a long running series on your blog. Does your niche have some form of news aspect like The Online Money Box does? Perhaps you could do a daily press round up and talk about all the news. This would be great content for your blog and ensure you are always writing.

I plan to make a couple of long running blog series for this blog soon and I hope that will help me find something to do to ensure content but I still need to work out the correct balance of other articles because it would not be good to just have constant long running series posts and nothing to break it up.


I hope you have enjoyed this blog post and use the idea yourself which can hopefully stop laziness in yourself as a blogger. Please feel free to comment below if you have tried this idea and how it went for you.

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