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The big WHY in Blogging

After recently reading a blog article from Geoff at Madhouse Media

titled what is your big why, I thought about applying that to the world of blogging. Why do you want to blog? 

A common problem within the blogging community as a whole is the lack of dedication to sit at your computer and write a blog post every day or so that is actually a quality and useful article. I feel that the reason for this is because the writers do not have a reason why, or if they do, it is not a momentum boosting reason as to why they should write.

The typical why…

In bloggers I find the typical response of why they are blogging is down to one thing – money. We all know that this is a great reason for blogging and it can really help you move forward with a career online. The way I look at it, the reason of blogging will always have an aspect of the for profit idea. However this should not be your main reason for blogging and if it is, you will find yourself getting bored quickly and either providing low quality blog posts or just not having the inspiration to write a post in the first place.

Therefore you need to find another reason why you are blogging in order to provide good articles whilst keeping that burning passion to keep on providing blog articles or else you will not reach that level of success that you really want to get to from blogging and you will most likely get bored rapidly.

There are many other reasons why you would want to blog such as:

  • To share your thoughts.
  • To help others.
  • To get recognized.
  • To change something.

Let one of these apply to your blog in order to do better. Let me know in the comments section why you blog and if that gives you the dedication to carry on.

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