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The Importance of Good Images When Blogging

There are many blogs that have now adapted to using images in their blog posts. They have set featured images and then a various selection of images within the actual article. This is a somewhat common practice for all bloggers now as they understand it can help them. But there are still some people who do not bother for reasons such as taking up more disk space and slowing down the website overall. These are decent concerns however with a good web host the worry is not really there. All bloggers need to understand just how important images are when blogging. Whether they are created by you or just pulled from the internet, all of them can help you in one way or another and it really is a practice that every blogger should be doing in order to help themselves and the readers. But why exactly are including images on your blog important? Let’s find out.

Social sharing

Getting your article shared socially is a HUGE deal nowadays. If you can get a good amount of people sharing your post om Google+, Pinterest or Facebook (you will see why I mentioned these later) then you are really appealing to a vast amount of people that those social accounts have as followers and you will also get some support for SEO matters because of these social shares. All the social networks I mentioned use a featured image which is pulled from your website when someone shares a link, do you see where this is tying in yet? Featured images on shared posts are going to attract the users to see that link much more as the image will draw them in. This can be really great for you as it can get a few people to notice you when they might not of before.

It just looks better this way. I would rather share a link with a featured image than one without otherwise it can mess up the style of my news feed. Just take that into consideration.

Break up the text

If you have a blog where your articles are pretty formal and require a lot of text (or even if not) then an image really helps break up the text of which you have in the article. I believe that people would rather read an article with breaks in the text of where it shows the image rather than just reading a straight wall of text which can get really boring. I am sure others feel the same as me on this one: if so please comment below.

Attention grabbing

Adding featured images can really help grab attention. I feel this is true because an image can really attract you and make you want to find out more. A picture can tell a thousand words which really can help back up the headline and therefore help people know what the article is about and make them want to read on.

Most themes are built for featured posts nowadays anyway and that is what people expect and want from a blog. So make sure you are supply this for them as it will help keep people visiting and really make them want to read your articles.

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