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Top 5 things I have learnt from Freelancing

Freelancing is a good way to make money online. I have been doing this since 2010 but only seriously started using it as a way to make money last year. I would honestly say that whilst it has not received much cash, the experience and my success has been very good. I was only doing paid posting and general content creation which is why the money, for me, was not great.

The one thing to remember about freelancing is that it is not easy or fun all the time. You would have to work long hours in order to complete the work that you are set and therefore you have barely no chance to be free from other jobs unless you are earning a good amount of money from freelancing from selling templates or something similar. When you stop freelancing, your money stops coming in. Therefore you must keep going for most of the days of the week, working long hours just to see some money to be able to live.

Here are some of the things I have picked up from having my own services over the past three years. They are important to you as they will tell you how to offer the best service you possibly can which in turn will help towards more orders and bigger money services. Here are the top 5 things I have learnt from freelancing;

1. Go above and beyond

In business, word of mouth is the most important type of promotion. If you are making your customers happy then chances are they will tell other people and come back to you themselves. This is a big deal and should be dealt with by always doing more than stated in the service.

I often throw in some more posts (only a couple), adding an avatar and completing my profile when doing a forum posting service. This is often recognised and appreciated by the users and in turn they leave positive reviews and maybe return for another order. So by doing something that only takes the matter of minutes I have been able to vastly improve my chances of seeing more money from that client again in the future.

2. Offer what you can do

I have sometimes seen people who offer services at sites like Fiverr who offer something like graphic design services. They showcase some amazing graphics but what they deliver has clearly took five minutes to make in Paint. Only offer services you can actually do and what you are good at. Otherwise you might be able to make some quick money from first time buyers, but your name and services will start to slip and you will not get money.

3. Sell yourself

It is all well and good creating a Fiverr gig and saying you can make a 500 word article for $5. Great! But you will need to tell people WHY to order from you instead of the other thousands of people offering the same service.

The freelancing service is a really crowded area at this time and therefore you need to offer reasons on why people should buy from you. Spend time writing your service description and make sure it is sometime that will entice people to buy from you.

4. Schedule your time

A freelance service should not be rushed on the last day of the deadline. You need a set schedule so that you know you can be on to complete the work you have set.

I was to blame for this when I first started but I quickly realised that I needed to better manage my time in order to make sure the service continues and does well in terms of orders placed and the users feedback.

Write a weekly schedule of when the deadlines are, when you complete what buy and what else you have to do on that day. You should also keep your focus and make sure to do your freelance work before getting involved in sometime else. The effort will pay off.

5. Don’t take on too much

Sometimes in my life I have accepted way too many jobs to do online. This has sometimes led me to not have enough time to get all of it done. Make sure that you can complete all the work you are accepting and if not, drop some of the lower paying, more time consuming work in order to get the more important jobs done.

See what is coming a head of you in your life. Some things can happen as a surprise and mean you are away from the keyboard for a couple of days, if that happens… make sure to let your clients know so they do not worry about where they have gone and cancel.

Are you going on holiday in a week? If so, let your clients know and suspend your services for the period of time that you are on holiday or else a lot of people could be put off from the lack of response.

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